Expedited Orders

If you need to receive your order by a specific date, we ask that you email service@microscape.co BEFORE placing your order. Various express shipping options are available for an additional charge.

Shipping Services

All orders ship from our production shop near Chicago, Illinois.

For customers in North America, shipping via UPS Ground is included in the cost of every model.

For customers outside North America, we ship via either UPS or DHL Express.

Time In Transit

Time in transit will vary depending on your location.

2 to 3 business days is typical for most locations within the contintental United States. 3 to 5 days in transit is typical for most parts of Canada and Mexico.

For locations outside North America, time in transit via both UPS and DHL is usually between 3 and 5 days.

Production Time

Microscape produces all of our models and frames on-demand, in-house. It usually takes 1 to 2 days for us to produce and ship small orders (fewer than 4 models).

Larger orders may take as many as 6-8 days to produce. Orders that include a group of models in a frame may take as many as 10-12 days for production.

We work 7 days per week, so these numbers are not limited to "business" days.

Import Taxes/Customs Charges

If you are ordering Microscape products for delivery to nations outside the United States, you may be charged customs/import taxes. Microscape submits required customs documentation with every international shipment but is not able to predict or control the way this information will be used by customs authorities in your nation.

Any customs/import taxes imposed by the government of nations to which we ship are our customers' responsibility.