Frame 24 Midtown & Central Park
Frame 24 Midtown & Central Park
Frame 24 Midtown & Central Park
Frame 24 Midtown & Central Park
Frame 24 Midtown & Central Park
Frame 24 Midtown & Central Park
Frame 24 Midtown & Central Park
Frame 24 Midtown & Central Park

Frame 24 Midtown & Central Park

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Microscape's Recommended Framed Arrangements take some of our most popular models and group them in a hand-made, solid hardwood frame. They ship to you ready to hang (or to lay flat on a table) and are truly unique decorative accents for your home, office, waiting room or lobby. All arrangements can also be customized -- just give us a call (+1 212-970-8870) or drop us an email (

This arrangement of twenty-four Microscape Manhattan Collection models is a custom collection not yet available for sale.

Twenty-four 6" x 6" Microscape models are pre-mounted in one of our hand-made solid Walnut frames and shipped to you ready to hang on a wall or lay flat on a table.

The overall piece measures 26" x 38" x 6.5" and weighs approximately 27lbs. It comes with both hanging hardware (for wall installation in a north-is-up orientation) and rubber feet (for table-top display) pre-installed.

The models included in this recommended arrangement are:

NYC map showing the area captured in Microscape's Frame 24 Midtown. From 59th Street down to Washington Square Park and everything in between, this massive framed sculptural artwork captures the sculptural beauty of Manhattan's heart.

Microscape models are detailed, 1:5000 scale replicas of cities. They're 3D-printed from our own accurate, up-to-date aerial scan data in a durable white thermoplastic that has a hard, almost ceramic feel.

Individual models are six inches square and abut to form larger arrangements. On a desktop, coffee table, shelf or wall -- alone or grouped together -- they capture the sculptural beauty of urban architecture in a truly unique and distinctive decorative accent piece.

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We want you to love your Microscape models as much as we do. If you don't, ship your order back to us within 30 days of delivery -- un-damaged and in its original packaging -- and we'll issue you a full refund.



"09-E, The Empire State Building arrived to the UK safe and sound, thanks! My fiancée will love it. This will be (one of) my wedding present(s) to her. Two years ago I proposed to her on top of the ESB and this week we will fly back to NYC and get married there. So, this model will mean much more to us than something pretty on our coffee table."

G. Tothmihaly

Manchester, United Kingdom


"I just wanted to thank you for getting the tile to my sister. She is thrilled with it, and now can take a piece of her neighborhood with her when she moves."

L. Johannes

McKinleyville, California


"I have just received my first order which is 03-B tile with the Foster’s WTC2 proposal. Absolutely gorgeous! I really wanted thank you for taking the time to make the adjustment. I am waiting for the other tile orders to be delivered and I just can’t wait. Now I wish to collect them all :) Thank you so much again and keep up the great work!"

J. Lee

Seoul, South Korea


"What a great addition to my office! I love the detail and scale of my Microscape sliver of Manhattan!"

D. Baciuska

San Francisco, California


"Most models you find on the web are less than convincing and quite kitschy, so I've been pretty excited to learn that your Microscapes are both incredibly detailed and affordable at the same time. They're very sophisticated, high-end quality products and definitely great pieces of art."

J. Becker

Altforweiler, Germany


"The models are extraordinary and so beautiful. When you combine four or more models, they become even more graceful. Loved it!"

M. F. Domingues

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


"I just wanted to let you know the package was delivered today – right on time. She is going to lose her mind when she sees it – it is so much more interesting and impressive and pretty in person. Also – kudos on the packaging method your guys came up with – easily the most impressively, creatively and effectively packaged item I’ve ever received. Thank you so much for everything. As soon as I give it over and she hangs it/displays it, I’ll snap a photo and share it on your FB. Thanks a million – no idea how I’m going to top this next year."

J. King

Linthicum Heights, Maryland


"I recently received my microscape and am delighted with it. My wife and I love New York City and we have more than a few maps and pictures on display around our Liverpool home. The Microscape tile will take pride of place among them."

P. Lillie

Liverpool, United Kingdom


"Got my updated version of Hudson Yards and One Vanderbilt with great details in Oct 2021. Many greats this time: 1. Improved printing quality since my last 2017 models. More details and finer. 2. The models were shipped promptly got it within 3 days in perfect shape! 3. Definitely improved quality for the transparent protection display box. A little thicker and more sturdy than the older version. Bought a few different versions of NYC 3D models from different companies online last 3 years when Microscape was offline. But none beats Microscape. With the best building scale and stunning building details. I will only stick to from now on..."

S. Wong

Fairfax, Virginia